Friday, April 8, 2011

Guilty Pleasures.

Project Runway has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I think I've watched every single season :)
And what never ceases to amaze me is that with each season, there's always something or someone completely different and exciting.
So, today's post is a tribute to my 3 favourites from past seasons :)

Season 4, for me, brought such drama and excitement - The ever controversial yet incredibly brilliant Christian Siriano, who, after winning the competition, went on to become incredibly successful. His designs are now worn regularly by A-listers. His final collection was, without a doubt, the best of the year; he brought an element of high-concept fashion to the show that no one else dared attempt:

I was always in awe of this dress. The work
that went into this work of art is truly admirable!
All of Siriano's looks are very avant garde - high drama!

Next came Season 5, which brought with it 2 completely different yet equally awesome designers, Leann Marshall (who went on to win) and Kenley Collins, who was the runner up.

Marshall's collection was very fresh and offered a completely original structured feel to her designs. I love some of the skirts she produced, they are gorgeous!

Love this one especially.

The second I mentioned, Kenley Collins, had a very 60s edge to her collection, but with a modern twist. What I found so amazing about this collection was that all prints used were hand-painted by her!

All of Collins' designs are so quirky and fun!

Which do you like, if any?

- Pips x