Thursday, August 9, 2012

MBFWCT 2012 - Part 2.

So this was the Gavin Rajah show.
Basically the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
I was in my heaven for that brief period of time - Gavino improves every year!
According to Rajah, the show was inspired by Boccaccio's love poems and the Victorian concept of 'The Language of Flowers'.
I was, however, most impressed and enchanted with his incredible choice of hair and make up - the flowers in the models' hair were so beautiful that I wanted to run backstage and demand my own flower-child look.

The show began with a gorgeous little girl tiptoeing and twirling down the runway in a pretty little custom Rajah dress. She opened the show with an air of enchantment.
The screens opened to reveal a stunningly beautiful girl dressed in a beeautiful Rajah couture gown. She was standing inside one of those awesome hamster balls and she played the cello beautifully throughout the show. It was awesome. kind of can't see anything in this photo but it's COOL.
So prettyyyy. Lace and florals.
This was also stunning.
This was actually really cute and was a bright Barbie pink.
This was actually one of my favourites because of the delicate, intricate detail on the front.
I cannot explain how beautiful this dress was. It looked like it had come straight out of an Elie Saab show. It was light and floaty, with bronze(ish) lace; it was also amazingly tailored. Good job Gavino.
This one and the one below were SO PRETTYY. Cream tulle skirts with elaborately beaded flowers on the tops. And of course the flowers in the hair.
That big red bird on the far side was the final dress; that big red tulle thing was worn as a cape over a really pretty long red dress (which I didn't get an acceptable photo of).

Of course...if you want to see decent photos, I recommend Elle SA - I saw the Elle team and their editor Jackie Burger at both shows I attended!

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