Thursday, August 9, 2012

MBFWCT 2012 - Part 1

So I went to Cape Town Fashion Week on the 26th of July.
It was my second year going, and it was just as splendid as last year, if not even better.
I went to two shows (the EXACT two I went to least year).
They were both lovely.
I apologize for the consistently shocking quality of my photos :/

The show started off with some 20's themed outfits which really were lovely.
This reminded me a lot of D&G.
The was actually a deeper red than it came out here, and my picture does no justice
to how stunning it was!
This skirt was such a beautiful colour and had such a lovely flow.
This was pretty cool - 4 dresses came out at the same time.
This one was my favourite of the 4, mostly because of the back...which you can't see.
Kind of love this.
Will post about Gavin Rajah asap!

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