Thursday, August 9, 2012


Just a couple of sketches I've done and photos I've taken (with my dad's new camera - drool).

Dad's new camera has a built in fish-eye lens effect. Love. Makes my room look prettier than it actually is.
New clothes.
Its a hot air balloon. And it's made out of maps. And now it's mine.
Having fun with fine liners. 

Messing around with watercolours.
Pen and watercolours.
Fine liners and watercolours. Quite pleased with this one for some reason.
Pen and watercolours. (Messing around).
Pencil crayons.
Messing around with colours - pencil crayons.
Fine liners.
Fine liners. Copied this from one of my origami birds.
Oh hey there owl, you're made of butterflies. Pencil.
Watercolours and artists' pencil. Like this one.

Acrylics. This is quite small but I like it.
Happy 50th Dad :) Watercolour and fine liner.
Please please ask me if you want to use one of these pictures as these are all mine xx

- Pips x


  1. These are absolutely amazing! I like them all you incredibly talented girl :) and I can comment again ;) xx

  2. I just stumbled across your blog, Pip, and I am in complete awe of your remarkable artistic talents! From your incredibly emotive owl to the little acrylic floral scene - reminiscent of the Impressionist artists of old - you have a real knack of conveying the beauty in one's surroundings.

    Best Wishes,


  3. That's such an incredible compliment Tara, thank you so much!!
    And as always - big love for you, Rahel:)