Sunday, May 27, 2012


Just thought I'd post some pretty pictures I took here, there and everywhere.
It was my 17th birthday on Friday - will post some pictures of present as soon as possible. I really shouldn't even being doing this since it's exam time but oh well :/ Procrastination pro here.

Corgi puppies. Why are you so cute?
The art effect.
My newly cleaned desk (a procrastination effort).
Casual stretches in endless countryside traffic.
Dreamlike clouds.
Stunning sunrise - travelling from Durban to CT,
Elgin/Grabouw country club early in the morning. Not a breath of wind.
A good old regatta.
On top of the world (in this case, Signal Hill).
Take me back to Summer, please? Muizenberg beach on a good day.
New Year's Eve - playing with sparklers.
Picturesque Mozambique.

Well this was sufficiently inspiring - hoping to kick English Literature's ass tomorrow.
Please don't use any of these photos without asking since they are all mine. Thanks :)

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