Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lost For Words.

I cannot get over Young The Giant's 'in the open sessions'. The talent of these guys...phenomenal. According to me, some of them are even better than on the album!! I've loved them for ages, but these videos never cease to amaze me.
Can't help smiling every time i see them.
But here are my favourites. You really should do yourselves a favour and go look them up. Youtube. NOW.


Guns Out


I Got


I would obviously put every single one of these on here if I could. But I'm actually supposed to be studying now - life is good. 
By the way how amazing is the lead singer? His name is Sameer. He's awesome. And the guitarists. My lord.

- Pips x


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  2. whoops talent... I just deleted my comment... what I wanted to say is that that band is beautiful :) I had to reblog it ;) but I mentioned your blog :) x

  3. yay Rahel :D I totally didn't know you had a blog - will definitely go and look now! Miss you my German xx