Monday, June 3, 2013

Something to think about.

Please be warned that this is a rant. I have never ranted on here about anything before, but I think this is quite relevant. However, if you are not in the mood for reading someone's angry blogpost, leave now. Thank you kindly.

It's nothing unusual that school girls borrow clothes and other items from each other all the time; no one really bats an eyelid at that fact any more. Why shouldn't we? Borrowing saves us from having to buy a new dress every time we go to a dance, or new shoes every time we go to someone's birthday tea (especially on our limited budgets).
It has recently come to my attention though, that whenever one girl brings a bag of clothes or shoes to school to give to another, a Pick 'n Pay or Woolworths bag won't suffice; the goods have to come in a Country Road, La Senza or Zara shopping bag (etc, etc). And I have picked this up on multiple occasions; it is a pattern. It's as though friends try to subconsciously outdo or one-up each other every time they bring a new shopping bag of an even more prolific brand to school.
Why? Why is that necessary? I quite honestly could not care less about how fancy you think you are with your little bag. I'll compliment you on your clothes if I like them, but there is not a chance in hell that you bringing your fancy shopping bag to school will make me think more of you, make me envy you, or even make me think about complimenting you on your superior taste in brands. Clothes are clothes. If they're nice, they just are and it doesn't matter WHERE they come from...cause if there's one thing I hate, it has to be snobs.
There we go. You don't have to agree with me, just something to think about.

On a lighter note, here's some good old King Charles to hopefully put a smile on some faces in this awful exam-time weather.

- Pips x

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