Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthdays and Buys.

So this is delayed...but it was my birthday on the 25th of May. (I know you're probably thinking I'm slightly off my head) but I have a LEGITIMATE excuse for not posting, people. Yes, we had exams. Yes, I did procrastinate a heck load and visit other people's blogs...but I neglected my own. But it's clear to see that today forms a fresh start. Woop Woop. So here's the belated birthday post :)

An absolutely incredible baking book given to me by cousins - I baked lemon meringue
cupcakes the other day, which were (if I do say so myself), quite lovely.
Some amazing boots - they're pretty much combat boots but fold
down to reveal this really nice checked fabric.

Some pretty decorations for my ever growing wall.
A pretty waistcoat.
A lovely lace shift dress that comes to just above the knee
 - it had a little leather skinny belt but...I can't find it :/
Ok so this is a really crappy picture but these are the love of my life right now:
1) They're burgundy (my favourite winter colour).
2) They're like...jeans, but not, cause they're softer.
3) I can breathe and move in them cause they're so comfaay. 
Love these wedges for 2 reasons: They're teal, which is my all-time best colour along with turquoise,
and they're super high yet super comfortable. (How is that even possible??)

My lovely ankle boots, which make any outfit look ever so slightly cooler.
A maxi skirt with a shorter front
(I refuse to call it a mullet skirt because I associate mullets with old slimy men...)
It's burgundy, and ultra slimming, and so comfy when I'm having a
'I don't want to wear jeans' kind of day. If you know what I mean?
I apologize for looking so awkward.
Waistcoat: Mr Price
Lace shift dress: Pari & Max at YDE
Burgundy jeans: Woolworths
Wedges: Wild Alice at Queue Shoes
Ankle Boots: Luscious at Shoe HQ
Maxi skirt: Fashion Express

- Pips x


  1. yeah I really love your blog too ;) And I LOVE that skirt!! I have been wanting to buy one like that as well ;) And I love the header :)

  2. Love all the pieces in the post

    would love for you to check out my new post


  3. soooo totally in love with that crochet waistcoat- green with envy!