Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alice + Olivia.

SUCH  a gorgeous brand by Stacey Bendet.

Also SUCH an apt representation of my own personal sense of style; very soft and girly and pretty, with one or two tweaks. Love the gentle, happy colours that they use, and the beautifully simple dresses.

Had to put my favourite first. This
is TOO beautiful and I want it.

These two LBD's (above and below) are so chic;
Very Audrey Hepburn :)

This is so pretty. Doesn't this girl remind you a
bit of Taylor Swift? :)

I've only focused on dresses here, and I'm sure I've gone a bit over the top with how many pictures I've added, but I can't get enough of this brand. Go onto the website: and check out some of their stuff, they also have some great skirts and shirts.

And please tell me what you think. Like? Don't like? Any favourites? Please feel free to share comments :)

- Pips x

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  1. I especially love this collection. I love the striped one with the flowy black skirt, the dress paired with the camera, and the purple dress. Gorgeous collection !