Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday the 13th.

Ah, it has finally come to the time that I post all of my grade 10 dance photographs :)

Must say it was a great night, spent with lots of amazing friends. The before party was held at my friend Jess's, (she has recently started up a blog - go support her at and from there we all made our way to the venue, which was in Seapoint and was beautifully decorated by our committee, who all did an amazing job :)

Sorry that the quality of these pictures isn't so great! Shown above from left:
Claudia, Me, Lauren.
My dad and I :)

Me and a couple of good friends; from left - Jess, Andrew, Me, Andrew, Caity and Katherine. 

Me and my darling friends Caity and Lauren.

I wish I could have shown you more pictures from the night, and some more of the gorgeous dresses, but I could be sitting at this lonely little desk for hours, and...I have art to do :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little slice of my own life for a change :) 
- Pips x

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